Purify Your Clinic’s Air & Water

With Cornerstone Dental Services, water and air filtration has never been easier!

Smart-Steri 200

Smart-Steri 200

Dental Sterilization Water System

The easiest way to supply all your distilled water needs!

The Smart-Steri 200 is a fully automatic, on-demand water system that can provide up to 200 gallons of 0 PPM sterilizer-ready water from a tap conveniently located at the sink in your sterilization centre. Its bright LED controller will let you know the exact water quality you’re using, let you know when it’s time to change filters and it will detect any leaks in the system and shut it down. Now THAT’S easier!

The Smart-Steri 200 is as easy to use as opening a tap, it will save you valuable time, reduce expensive sterilizer repairs and downtime. It installs under most countertops with ease and all components are UL/CSA and FDA approved. Its high quality filters and 3 gallon reservoir will ensure you always have the best quality water you can get, when you need it.

When used with tablets in your delivery unit water bottles, the Smart-Steri 200 water will keep your delivery units cleaner and cut down on maintenance costs and downtime due to poor water quality. Download the brochure for more information!

Airpura Air Purifiers Airpura P600

Airpura Air Purifiers

High Efficiency Air Filtration System

This dental air purifying system is compact and powerful, effective up to 2,000 square feet. It’s a truly modular filtration system with low monthly maintenance needs. It’s effective against bacteria, antigens, pathogens and mold spores as well as airborne chemicals and particles.

It’s the most complete air cleaning system available.

Breathe easier today!

Choose from:
  • The 17” U-shaped UV germicidal lamp which sterilized
  • Activated carbon absorbs harmful airborne chemicals and odors
  • True HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Super HEPA filter which captures 99.99% of all airborne particles at least 3 microns in size
  • Premium titanium dioxide coated HEPA filter for heavy concentrations of airborne chemicals
  • TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer for removal of VOCs, airborne chemicals and odors
  • UV Germicidal lamps will be effective for up to 18-20 months
  • HEPA filters typically last 3 years in the average dental office
  • Carbon filters typically last up to 18 months in the average dental office 
  • Long lasting filters
  • Pre-filters can be vacuumed as required from the exterior of the unit and should be changed every 12 months depending on use
  • No other regular maintenance required
  • Units measure 23''x15”, average weight
  • 45lbs with easy roll castors
  • 560 CFM, 120 watts on high, 40w on low
  • WARRANTY: 2 year parts and labour, 5 years on labour
  • Colors: White / Black / Cream


TitanClean™: A quantum leap forward in air purification!

Ask us about our TitanClean™ technology!

Units range in price from $1,215 – 1,749


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